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Downhill Dark Roast Blend is 75% Sumatra and 25% Kochere

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A blend of two notorious coffee growing regions, Sumatra and Kochere (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia), this roast brings out a cup profile of dark chocolate, caramel, and berries.

Sumatra: Desa Kerawat: Red Badger – Coming from Northern Sumatra, this coffee is acclaimed for it’s complex cup character that results largely from the process known as wet hulling. When combined with a darker roasted profile you enhance some of the rich dark chocolate, caramel and molasses notes.

Ethiopia Kochere: Biloya Co-op – Roughly 750 small coffee growers from the Biloya Co-op produce this washed Kochere Biloya. These growers are from the Chelelektu village (or “kebele”) of Ethiopia. Each grower manages his or her own small acreage plot. At a darker roast this coffee exhibits a cup profile of rich chocolate, caramel, and red berries.